Master of Fine Arts Degree

University of Wisconsin

 Westfield State University Professor      Studio Arts and Art History classes       2000 – present

 Extensive resume of juried exhibitions

Work is part of many private and corporate collections

My work is a series of evolutions. My very large non-objective paintings are created with a stained canvas technique. Thirty or more layers of transparent watered down acrylic paint is applied to achieve the rich look of color and visual texture.   Contrast in color adds to the drama from very rich deep cool tones to intense more opaque brights. The layering technique allows the viewer to blend with the eye and see deep into the canvas. The natural flow of pigment creates a unique quality of form. Areas of lacy edges interacting with each other display the idea of various shapes as seen in nature. A sense of depth integrates as shapes move in and out of visual focal points. These pieces are large and have a very organic quality.

 Through my European travels I became very enchanted with the European countryside.   The aged facades and quaint buildings in natural settings were very inspiring. Using the painting technique I had developed previously with my none objective work I approached each piece containing subject matter in the same way. After building up many layers of transparency I now added impasto oil paint to the surface. The huge contrast of texture allowed for an amazing sense of drama.

 Today I continue to work both non-objectively and abstractly as seen in (Portfolio 3) as well as subject inspired as seen in Portfolio’s 1 and 2. My work ranges from smaller oil paintings to large abstractions. I am also thrilled to have discovered a Fine Arts printing company that can reproduce my original paintings with a high quality printing process to allow for cost effective purchases.